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Frequently Asked Questions

Few problems which are commonly found in Domestic Appliances along with their solutions are described below. For expert opinion, you are suggested to contact our team.

Firstly, you should make sure to consult your washing machine’s owner’s manual. In the troubleshooting section, you may find some suggestions for likely reasons for drain problems. Some new model washing machines display error codes that identifies the problem for you. If this doesn’t show the problem, observe your washing machine as it runs through one of its drain cycles. As you watch the machine in action, one of the following problems will likely be identified:

  • Clog in the rubber drain tube leading from the washing machine to the drain standpipe
  • Material obstructing the water pump filter or impellers
  • A mechanical failure of the water pump 
  • Loose or broken drive belt
  • Faulty lid switch
  • Clog in the drain system

Tumble dryers are normally a bit noisy while operating due to the number of rotating parts involved in the drying process. However, if they are making unusual sounds that you don’t normally hear, you must find the cause, because an unusual noise can be the sign of a problem. Here, we have a detailed guide to the various faults that can create these kinds of issues.\

  • The rear drum bearing is catching
  • The drive belt is broken
  • The jockey wheel is damaged 
  • The felt seals are dirty
  • The drum wheels and bearing pads are worn
  • The drain pump is blocked

Warm clothes that have just come out of your tumble dryer may feel like damper than they actually are. If your laundry is still wet after it has cooled down, there might be one of the following reasons.

  • Make sure to use the appropriate program
  • Check if the lint filter is dirty or clogged
  • Check if the filter drawer or the condenser filter is dirty or clogged
  • Avoid overloading the appliance

If your fridge is not cooling well enough. The problem is more than just one of annoyance. In many cases, there is no need to rush out and buy a new refrigerator. While you may need to eventually call in an appliance technician for some repairs, other fixes are simple to do and require no special tools or knowledge. Listed below are some straight-forward reasons why your refrigerator is not cooling and what to do about them.

  • Temperature Control Is Improperly Set
  • Condenser Coils Are Dirty
  • Door Gaskets Are Not Clean
  • Food Items Are Blocking the Air Vents
  • Door Gaskets Are Faulty and Need Replacement
  • Refrigerator Is Out of Level

A dishwater that no longer empties the water out is one of the most common problems encountered. If you are experiencing this, and even though the situation is far from pleasant, stay calm and don’t panic: we’re going to help you find the source of the fault.

  • Check for any blockage or debris need to be removed from the filter.
  • Assess the drain hose and also check the garbage disposal.
  • Clean the air gap and make sure the door latch is closed.
  • Check the drain valve and test the motor.