Ariston Washing Machine Error Codes

Why is Hometechserve the Best Choice for Repairing Ariston Washing Machine?

The most common problems with washing machines are not changing, wobbling, leaking, not filling or emptying, or being very noisy. However, repairs can sometimes be expensive. All because of the required spare part and the time necessary to fix the problem. This brings you to a crucial question: do you repair the washing machine or replace it entirely? 

Ariston washing machine error codes explained.

If your Ariston washing machine does not work as it should, an error code will appear on the display panel. This is a diagnostic tool to help identify the problem and prevent further damage to the device by shutting down all functions.

You can find an explanation of Ariston washing machine error codes here…

Error codes for Ariston washing machines

Error codes F01 and F02 on an Ariston washing machine indicate a motor problem. Here’s what you can do to troubleshoot and possibly resolve the issue:

Unplug the washing machine: Begin by unplugging the appliance from the power source to ensure safety.

Check for blockages: Open the door or lid of the washing machine and inspect the drum for any blockages. Items such as clothing, small objects, or excess detergent can cause the motor to malfunction. Remove any blockages you find.

Restart the machine: After clearing any obstructions, plug the machine back in and restart it. Sometimes a temporary glitch can cause error codes to appear, and a simple restart can clear it up.

Examine the motor: If the error codes persist, the motor may be faulty or have issues. Contact a professional technician or Hometechserve customer service for further assistance. Repairs or replacements can occur after the engine inspects, diagnosed, repaired, or replaced as necessary.

Error code F07 means the heater is not working, and F08 means the heating element is blocked.

Some Ariston washing machines encountered error codes F07 and F08. These errors appear when the heater is not working correctly.

The F07 error code appears when the heating element is not working correctly, resulting in a higher-than-normal water temperature. The F08 error code occurs when the heating element does not work at all and thus causes a lower-than-normal water temperature.

No fix has been released for this issue, but it’s worth checking to see if your machine has this error code before contacting an agent to resolve it.

The Ariston washing machine error code F10 and F11 can occur when the inlet hose of the machine is not connected correctly.

Ariston washing machine error code F10 and F11 can occur when the inlet hose of the machine is not connected correctly. The inlet hose is malfunctioning when this error code appears. The user should check for any obstructions that may block or restrict water flow to prevent this issue from happening again.

The F17 error code on an Ariston washing machine is a common problem. Let’s check what to do if you’re experiencing this issue.

What does the F17 error code mean?

The F17 error code means that the motor has stopped working and will not spin or spin too fast. If this happens, you’ll need to replace the motor.

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